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Porsche Wyoming Valley

Classic Wheel Sale

Our Parts Department here at Wyoming Valley Porsche is offering discounted prices on remaining classic wheel sets. Please direct all inquiries to or call (570) 288-7411 and ask for Parts. You are welcome to submit an offer lower than the listed price for our consideration.

Wheel sets are "new" in that they have not been used but were part of a display; tires were previously installed on the wheels but the wheels have not been installed on any vehicles. Buyer responsible for all freight and handling charges or can be picked up from our location at zip code 18704. Each set ships in 4 separate boxes. Prices listed do not include sales tax. All sales are final.



Panamera Turbo 19" Wheel Set

List price: $2031.20   Sale price: $1700.00

Part number: 000-044-602-25

19 inch porsche panamera turbo rim set



Cayenne Turbo 19" Wheel Set

List price: $2794.79   Sale price: $2200.00

Part number: 000-044-602-24

19 inch porsche cayenne turbo rim set



Carrera 20" Summer Wheel Set

List price: $8542.85   Sale price: $7542.85

Includes tires and center caps. Part number: 98104460204

20 inch Porsche Carrera Wheel and Tire Set



Panamera 19" Design Rim Set

List price: $5,318.44   Sale price: $4,414.54

Part numbers: Front wheel: 970-362-158-01 x 2; Rear wheel: 970-362-160-01 x 2; Center cap set: 970-044-600-11 x 1

19 inch Porsche Panamera Design Rim Set



Carrera S 991 C2 20" Rim Set

List price: $7,330.86   Sale price: $5,614.54

Part numbers: Front wheel: 9913621610488Z x 2; Rear wheel: 9913621660488Z x 2; Center cap set: 97004460011 x 1

20 inch Porsche Carrera S 991 C2 Rim Set



Panamera Turbo 19" Winter Rim Set

List price: $5,281.76   Sale price: $4,414.54

Part numbers: Front wheel: 970-362-158-04-9A1; Rear wheel: 970-362-160-06-9A1; Center cap set: 970-044-600-11

19 inch Porsche Panamera Turbo Winter Rim Set



Cayenne SportDesign 20" Summer Rim Set

List price: $5,225.58   Sale price: $4,214.54

Part numbers: Wheels: 955-362-140-80-9A1 x 4; Center cap set: 970-044-600-11 x 1

20 inch Porsche Cayenne SportDesign Summer Rim Set



RS Spyder Panamera 20" Winter Rim Set

List price: $6,300.82   Sale price: $4,814.54

Part numbers: Front wheel: 970-362-178-08-9A1 x 2; Rear wheel: 970-362-190-06-9A1 x 2; Center cap set: 970-044-600-11 x 1

20 inch Porsche RS Spyder Panamera Winter Rim Set



Carrera S II C4/S 19" Rim Set

List price: $6,194.20   Sale price: $4,614.54

Part numbers: Front Wheel: 99736215700 x 2; Rear Wheel: 99736216301 x 2; Center Cap Set: 97004460011 x 1

19 inch Porsche Carrera S II C4/S Rim Set



Boxster S II 18" Winter Rim Set

List price: $4,606.70   Sale price: $3,614.54

Part numbers: Front wheel: 987-362-137-02 x 2; Rear wheel: 987-362-139-02 x 2; Center cap set: 970-044-600-11 x1

18 inch Porsche Boxster S II Winter Rim Set